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All dedicated servers are hosted on Dell PowerEdge Servers.  We choose Dell Severs for their reliability and built in hardware redundancy.  We believe that only a true server platform built specificially for hosting mission critial data is the only way to provide the best service.  We wouldn't want our site to be run on a repurposed desktop platform in a rackmount case, and we doubt you would either.

Included Features
• Supports ASP and ASP.NET versions 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4-4.7
• ASP.NET AJAX Fully Supported
• Crystal reports supported
• Dedicated IP Addresses Included
• Webmail, POP3 email, SPAM and anti Virus Filtering
• Many more features included!

Included Dedicated Server Hardware Support
• We maintain all hardware for dedicated servers
• We replace failed hardware on dedicated servers
• We maintain all standard network infrastructure
• We monitor all standard networking infrastructure
• We resolve all networking problems under our control – i.e. our internal LAN within our datacenters and our external network connections that we own and have complete control over.

Included Operating System and application support
• Initial default OS installation and disk partitioning. Any requests for installation changes outside of Honeywick's standard base configuration will incur additional charges.
• Initial security lock down - this is conducted on all dedicated servers so that no new Honeywick dedicated server is put into production without passing a rigorous security audit. However, Honeywick will not be responsible for any problems a security lock down causes for third party applications. Customers must specifically request that a security lock-down not occur PRIOR to installation if there are concerns on how the security lock-down will affect 3 rd party products.

Security Support
• All Security Support Services are performed on a time and materials basis.
• Installation of Operating System security patches is included in the agreement
• Research on any server that may have been compromised
• Consulting to repair compromised servers this includes re-installation of the server OS.
• Firewall services for dedicated servers is included in the dedicated server service agreement.

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